Going Deep

Life is crafted when she was born

Follow the flow is what she’s taught

For many years she never question the wrongs

All that she knows is to do the norms


Society is surprising, oh yes she knows

Because people are different with unique goal

The norms that others do is not what she would

Cuz she believes achieving more is what she could


Completing life cycle is said to be perfect

Doesn’t matter if only touching the surface

People around has gone far ahead

Cuz everyone is eager to see what lies ahead


Here she thought to herself:


‘Life is short’ explains the crowd wheech

For a complete cycle has to be achieved

Patience and time are elements she needs

To explore and enjoy the beauty of each leap

‘Jack of all trades and master of none’ is not what she’s keen

As success is not defined by ice-berg’s tip

She believes looking deep will bring far more lights

To uncover the beauty beneath of one’s life


Como Lake, Italy


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