To adapt, or not to adapt?

I lived in a complicated work environment.

Much noises I heard; those that were detrimental to emotions superseded the good ones.

They spoke in their own language, language that I couldn’t comprehend.

Occasionally, they spoke in language that I could understand, intentionally to put harsh comments through.

I could hear them, but I chose to ignore so that I could breath. Not all the time I could just live by them.

I started my writing journey ever since, in a way to speak up my mind.

Being an Asian who works in a multinational company, I truly value the beauty of work diversity. There is also a reason behind MNC organisations sending a group of talented expats from their home country – to preserve the organisational DNA as much as sharing cross-cultural experiences.

Despite of the proverb that we often hear…

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

…not many have successfully interpreted it well. Sometimes, humiliation of local customs and ropes is acted upon unfamiliarity or differentiation that arise.

Many said the focus is now on the East. Hence today, we see an influx of expats from the West gradually flowing to the East part of the world. There is so much respect and honour given to the West part of the world especially when it comes to research, innovation, technology, as well as social skills and expertise. To expand their footprints in Asia, MNC organisations that have discovered ways to adapt their business locally are the ones that are truly successful today. These include not only adhering to legal procedures and speaking in local languages, but also respecting and finding involvement opportunities with locals, cultures and values.

While today has seen some improvement, it is still marginal. Instead of stereotyping each others’ capability based on where each comes from, why not put all judgements aside and openly learn from each other in achieving cross-border objectives?

Life’s a wheel of fortune, and it’s my chance to spin it.” – Tupac Shakur

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

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