Count your Blessings

How many times we have observed others life and totally blown away by what they have  and we don’t? Who are they? What do they have? How they have achieved them? When have they started? Where were we when they started?

Then, we start stacking up what we do not have like a stacko-block. Overtime, the block that we gradually built becomes a landmark of our inadequacy, insecurity, and frustration that eventually leads to depression. Instead of living our life, the gap we accumulated becomes our obsession. Others’ dream become what we aim for, not ours. 

Everyone’s life is different. ‘Who are we?’, ‘Where do we come from?’, and ‘What we do in the past?’ differ from one to another individual. Once, I was in an entrepreneur competition on national television. There was a boy who was running around the film producer, a coordinator I supposed. He was just doing whatever the director told him to do. Today, he is an entrepreneur and a film producer himself, a well-known one in Asia and won multiple awards. That was 10 years ago when I first met this boy. It could be that the film producer was a source of inspiration to the boy, and hence… or we could say that becoming a film producer has always been this boy’s dream, or he is talented, or just mere luck. There are also others who have been trying for years but haven’t really get there yet.

The above is one perspective. On the other hand – This boy has dedicated all his life to build a name for himself with no concern over his family existence. He told me that his film production house is his home, the crew is his family members, and the outcome of his film production is what makes him happy. These are the ‘sacrifices’ he has chosen to make. 

We always assume people tend to have it all. Truth is, we don’t always get to have it all. If we’re to have it all, then life wouldn’t be as fun because there will be no challenges to make us a better person. It’s healthy to feel envious – Best to come in moderation and balanced. It’s not healthy to be obsessed over what we do not have – We ask ourselves…’What if we do this and not do that? Would our life be different from what we are now?’ and we pause to question every single move we took that we feel isn’t perfect in our life.

Instead of constantly chasing for something we do not have, how about looking at what we do have? Accomplishments do not necessary come in the form of career or material possessions. How about relationships with people we love? – Communication and nurture require time, effort, frequency, and consistency to build.  

When we have a home and security that house our basic and sometimes even wants, these are blessing

When we have friends to share laughter and sadness with, this is a blessing. 

When we have time to spare for ourselves in a quiet space, this is a blessing. 

When we have a career that we are passionate for, this is a blessing. 

When we have someone to go home for, this is a blessing.

When we wake up next to our loved one, this is a blessing.

When we have a beautiful relationship with someone whom we can share the rest of our life with, this is a blessing.

When we are still breathing, this is a blessing.

When we start to count what  do have, we will realise how blessed we are and cherish every second we have…

…instead of craving for others’ life, a life that doesn’t belong to us. 

Nature, Nongsa, Riau Islands

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

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